Creating & Making A World I Want to Live In.

I love building and creating digital products and services that bring forth value to people, places and society. While healthcare, education and community are at the core of my passions, I get inspired and energized collaborating and bringing forth ideas in many spaces and industries.

Create for ourselves so that we can build for others. The creative process of exploration and pursuing that which feeds our soul.

Creating time and space to apply the learnings...

When I'm not working with other brands to design, build, and manage the technology that drives their business. I spend my time testing, launching, and pivoting my own ventures. Growing and learning from each iteration.


Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
- Albert Einstein

Nomads Community. A global community of curious and engaged humans.

Community driven conversations on the social, environmental and mundane problems we face as a globe.

Viibe. Local viibes and global connections wherever you go.

Use google maps the way you've always wanted. Whenever you go to a new place, see your friend's favorite cafes, venues, hikes, and so much more.


Looking to collaborate on a project or idea? I'm always interesting in meeting and working with new people and trying out new ways of working.